#Marrakech: Wheel-in to create Traditional Moroccan Pottery

This pottery experience helps you get familiarized with the various manual activities involved with pottery and teaches you the approach for two of the most common techniques of shaping practiced in Morocco: the turning on the traditional potter's wheel and the molding.

You will learn how to model on the traditional potter's wheel & witness, gesture by gesture, how a piece of pottery comes into existence. As you go through this unique experience, you will also discover the workshop's organization and its various activities carried out within.

Highlights: Learn 2 pottery making techniques: Traditional Potter's Wheel + Molding; Experience the hustle and bustle that takes place in a pottery workshop!
Duration: 3 hours
Meeting Point: Guest hotel
Country: Morocco
Minimum # of People to Book: 2
Maximum Group Size: 6
List of Food and/or Drinks: Moroccan dishes
Price includes Food and/or Drinks:
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No…sorry :-(
Food Type:
Not Applicable
Time of Day: