#Queenstown: Learn Ancient War Dance from a Māori warrior

You'll connect to Māori culture as you learn the traditional Hongi greeting—where you press your nose and forehead together with another person—and why it is done. I'll teach you the Wanaka Haka, a Māori dance specific to the region of Central Otago, and explain what each action means and we will walk where original Maori walked thousands of years ago while overlooking the beautiful mountain ranges of Wanaka. Through this experience, you will not only receive an authentic New Zealand experience but you'll also get a bone carving of your experience :-)

Highlights: Experience a Maori Welcome, the Hongi (Maori greeting) and unique Wanaka Haka and walk where original Maori walked thousands of years ago.
Duration: 2 hours
Meeting Point: Lake Wanaka Tree
Country: New Zealand
Minimum # of People to Book: 2
Maximum Group Size: 10
List of Food and/or Drinks: Water
Price includes Food and/or Drinks:
That's right! :-)
No…sorry :-(
Food Type:
Not Applicable
Time of Day: