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MYrago (pronounced as Mee-Rah-Go)

We don't like to talk about ourselves (we know...too modest of us!) So here is what one of our most loyal guests had to say...

PS: It's a tear-jerker! 

"You know how when you’ve lived in a place for a while, you and you’re friends have these “hidden” places that you go to. Or you’ve lived in a place long enough to know exactly which place makes the best “that dish”. Or you’re a native and have so much to share about your culture, heritage history that makes you a local? MYrago is the only place where you’ll find those exact authentic experiences.

You won’t be restricted to just those clichéd places that will have all the tourist only taking pictures. And you won’t just have a picture in front of a “building” showing “oh you went there”. You’ll actually get to experience what it feels like to live there, and so for the rest of your life, you’d actually be able to speak on behalf of the country/heritage/history/lifestyle/ culture…rather than just showing a few mere pictures.

MYrago cares about and offers exactly that - an opportunity to form that bond between locals and travelers such that your vacation becomes an experience that will outlive a lifetime. 

Be a part of this, and enjoy and learn from local experiences: Meditate with a Monk in Japan, Star gaze with an Astronomer in Greece and learn about “Andromeda - The Chained Princess”, farm in a Goat farm in Portugal and get the “cheesy” experience. 

Go on vacation and become the Monk in Japan, Live the stories of the Greek mythology in Greece … and live to tell the stories for an entire lifetime...."