#Osaka: Sightsee Binging and Rare Tomato Ramen Adventure

Get your pass to freedom of unlimited sightseeing with the Keihan sightseeing day pass

Adventure starts off in Nakanoshima where you can see the beautiful government building and drink coffee at the waterfront park

Continuing to Temmabashi station where we check out Osaka castle park, take pictures in front of the castle and snack on unique flavored ice-cream

Finishing off at Hirakata where we eat the local famous and rare tomato ramen. So delicious that your taste buds will be craving for more every time you think about it. Who can say no to ramen with little pieces of pizza inside!?

After the experience, I recommend you use your pass to go to Kyoto for even more adventures!

Highlights: Sightseeing spree at Osaka
Duration: 5 hours
Meeting Point: Nakanoshima
Country: Japan
Minimum # of People to Book: 1
Maximum Group Size: 10
List of Food and/or Drinks: Local famous and rare tomato ramen and unique flavored ice-cream
Price includes Food and/or Drinks:
That's right! :-)
No…sorry :-(
Food Type:
Not Applicable
Time of Day: