#Phuket: Be a Farmer for a Day

Are you looking for an “off the beaten path” experience that is fun and educational? If you answered with a resounding YES then we're proud to present “The Real Local Lifestyle & Cultural Experience Venture”.

Learn about authentic Phuket culture & locals way of life through fun hands-on activities, like tapping rubber tree sap, milking goats, folding Pandan leaves, and more. Visit the Gibbon rehabilitation Centre, waterfall, genuine pineapple field, and also a 100% natural pearl farm in the sea! All of this with the local people, and our own English-speaking guide.

The experience starts early around 9 AM after we have everyone on-board. First, we head to Sufficient Agricultural Learning Centre to walk around and see different kind of plants including 200-year-old Yang tree, rice, mulberries, chilies, bamboos, passion fruits, young cashew nuts, etc. Then we will learn about the story and purpose of the center. Here, everyone will participate in Pandan bouquet making – a natural room deodorant and humidifier. Next stop is the Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre and a short walk to the waterfall. Here, we want to raise your awareness of illegal possession and exploitation of gibbons and other related species. A donation is included in our price, but there’s also a souvenir shop if you’d like to support them further. There, you will also see the White Backed Palm trees, unique plant found only in Phuket.

Then we head to a local goat farm and learn how to milk the mama goats (and option to drink it fresh!) and feed the baby goats. 2 words: Cuteness Overload. Next, we go to a pineapple field and will learn how Phuket variety is unlike any other in the world. Then we head to the rubber plantation nearby, where we can try the rubber tapping straight from the tree. Learn the process of making ready-to-sell latex from tree to truck. Lunch break at a local restaurant. You will get to order the food yourself, in Thai of course ;-) with the help of our guide if needed. Every dish is freshly prepared for you. A little tip from us, always say “mai-ped” if you don’t want your food to be spicy!

Our last stop is located on an island only 15 minutes away. Board a long-tailed boat to visit a local pearl farm run by the same family for generations. You will learn the process of raising the oyster, the ‘surgery’, and how long it takes before one single pearl is ready for the market. He will show you how to tell the difference between fake pearl and real pearl. Then it’s time to bid farewell to all local friends and head back to the Phuket main (is)land in a smooth long-tailed boat ride.

Highlights: Real people - Real farms - Real Communities. Try some local pineapple and milk some local goats (lol) - Discover how sea pearls are naturally made
Duration: 8 hours
Meeting Point: Your hotel in Phuket
Country: Thailand
Minimum # of People to Book: 2
Maximum Group Size: 8
List of Food and/or Drinks: Lunch
Price includes Food and/or Drinks:
That's right! :-)
No…sorry :-(
Food Type:
Not Applicable
Time of Day: