#PicoIsland: Walking trails of Discovery with a Local

The walking trails give us an unique opportunity to discover the cultural and natural history of Pico island, through the old “canadas” (paths) that were used frequently by the farmers and fishermen.

Walking these trails will help us discover stories, lives, work and struggle of the men and women, who helped in breaking new ground and building Pico island to what you see today.

Highlights: You can see most of the endemic and native flora of this island along these excursions through the nature, in paths where the landscape says more than any word! We suggest trails with varying degrees of difficulty
Duration: 4 hours
Meeting Point: Clients' lodging in Pico Island
Country: Portugal
Minimum # of People to Book: 2
Maximum Group Size: 8
List of Food and/or Drinks: Water and snacks
Price includes Food and/or Drinks:
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Food Type:
Not Applicable
Time of Day: