#Nagoya: Learn to make & eat Udon noodles from scratch!

Have you ever made Udon noodles from scratch? If not then this is the perfect experience for you! Learn to make and eat your own ramen at a Japanese home!!

The class is includes:

Little Japanese sweets or Japanese side dish & drinks...

Supermarket tour available if you would like to go...

We have some of soup flavors (hot / iced / dashi / curry) so you choose one from the list...

Students will try to shave and taste a bar of bonito and make soup from the fresh bonito...

Highlights: Feel the real Japanese atmosphere!!
Duration: 3 hours
Meeting Point: JR Kachigawa station
Country: Japan
Minimum # of People to Book: 1
Maximum Group Size: 6
List of Food and/or Drinks: Seasonal drinks available
Price includes Food and/or Drinks:
That's right! :-)
No…sorry :-(
Food Type:
Not Applicable
Time of Day: